Empowering Financial Literacy: Revolutionizing Youth Education through an Engaging and Interactive Financial Platform


The goal of the Jugendbudget.ch project was to create an innovative and interactive platform that empowers young individuals with essential financial skills and knowledge. Through this website, we aimed to provide a user-friendly and engaging resource for parents to teach their children about budgeting, saving, and investing.


The UX process began with extensive research and interviews with stakeholders. We conducted workshops to gather insights and understand the specific requirements and expectations of the target audience. This collaborative approach allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the users’ needs and align our design and development processes accordingly.

To ensure a seamless and efficient development process, we adopted an agile methodology. This allowed us to prioritize tasks, collaborate closely with the client, and iterate on the design and functionality based on continuous feedback and user testing. Regular sprint reviews and retrospective meetings helped us maintain effective communication and address any challenges that arose during the project.


Our solution for Jugendbudget.ch encompassed a range of features designed to create an engaging and educational platform:

  • We developed a user-friendly interface with clear navigation, making it easy for parents and children to explore the website.
  • A resource library provided a wealth of articles, videos, and downloadable materials on various financial topics.

Technologies Used

WordPress: Implemented as the content management system to enable easy content updates and management.


Tech Performance

Largest Contentful Paint
Our Result:1 sec
First Input Delay
Our Result:10 ms
Visual Stability
Cumulative Layout Shift
Our Result:0.02