Operation & Hosting

Get the utmost in reliability with our SaaS operation and hosting package. Enjoy the highest degree of efficiency and efficacy in the highest level of technical support and optimization.

As your partner, we can provide an “all-in-one” solution. We provide our hosting and operation services alongside SaaS app development, deployment, and growth.

Focus on Security and Compliance

Integrated DevOps Team

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Hosting, Application Management and Operation

Your organization will enjoy several benefits when using our hosting services. We have systems that are sized to match your number of users. We use our expertise to help you select the right infrastructure and other hosting services.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Administration and maintenance of your environments on
  • Servers and databases hosted at Amazon Web Services AWS (Germany, Switzerland, US), Google Cloud (Switzerland, US), Linode (Frankfurt)
  • We are pleased to offer technical system support, including weekly functional testing, checking of log files, error and interface logs, and backup management. 
  • Full compliance with security standards such as access control, virus scanning, and virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • Annual version updates and Fixpack are included

The All-Round, Hassle-Free Package

We’re proud to offer full-service hosting and operations. Our partners enjoy these many benefits and perks: 

  • ISO certified partner. Our partners rest assured knowing that our ISO certification ensures the safety of their data.
  • We maintain your system at a location of your choosing, including in Germany or Switzerland.
  • Highest availability possible: Your high-performance system is available at all times.
  • Customized adaptation: Partners can still customize as much as they prefer. 
  • Maximum flexibility: We guarantee the highest degree of flexibility and adaptability regarding updates and upgrades.
  • Secure deployments: Our SaaS operations services allow quick deployments that are completely secure and will restrict your actions.
  • Active monitoring allows us to react immediately to any issue that is taking place. This works through the use of automated notifications.
  • Our partners rest assured with the personalized touch of a dedicated contact person who assigns themselves to answer all issues. 
  • Premium support: We are proud to provide the highest degree of support possible to our many highly valued partners for any of their concerns. 
  • Service-level agreements: You may conclude a joint Service-Level Agreement.

Stakeholder Benefits

Our partners don’t just enjoy the benefits of our highly specialized IT staff. Our comprehensive SaaS solutions also afford benefits to users, application managers, and more.

User Benefits
  • Faster upgrades and access to new features
  • Leverage innovation and best practices to leverage software to its full potential
  • More efficient operation and greater acceptance
  • Best possible performance and availability
  • Secure deployment without operational disruption
  • Fast, reliable support from Switzerland
Management & Organizational Benefits
  • Comprehensive security measures exceed legal standards
  • Cloud strategy support ensuring long-term competitiveness
  • Secure all past and future investments
  • Optimize resources and relieve internal resource bottlenecks
Benefits for Internal IT Team
  • IT team relief, resolving of bottlenecks
  • Increase capacity by freeing up resources to focus on other strategic issues
  • Operational responsibility is outsourced to a reliable service provider
  • Fewer hardware investments are required, resulting in lowered costs
Benefits to Application Manager
  • Resolve all matters through a single partner
  • Delegation of responsibilities is clear: Divide and conquer
  • Faster, more competent support; Efficient solutions
  • Expert adherence to best practices for faster solutions