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Global Talent, Rooted in Zürich: Your Hub for Boundary-Pushing digital Solutions

Small enough for quick decision-making, yet big enough for rapid implementation of ideas—that is who we are. At freihandlabor, we are passionate about developing innovative applications and exceptional websites. With our unique mix of local service and helpful advice, combined with near-shore development, we can deliver outstanding quality at highly competitive prices.  Our experienced professionals are trusted team members with a long track record of satisfied customers.

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Smaller, more efficient teams

Many companies believe you need large-scale teams to accomplish large-scale projects. But at freihandlabor, we think this is shortsighted. It’s more than possible to do big things with small teams, but it’s difficult to do small things with big teams—and small is often more than enough. There is power in a small, efficient team. What needs to get done will be done, without wasting resources and manpower.

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Remote first! Despite having an office in Zurich, we embrace remote-first work!


Forms for the future!
We unveil Headlessforms.cloud


Hard work pays off! The first major SaaS project for a client is born.


Expanding eastward! Our team gets bigger and better with an office in Ukraine.

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