We build Web Applications

Our highly specialized team of developers,
consultants, and UX/UI specialists, is your partner
from the drawing board, through launch, and onwards

— to each new chapter of the journey.

Specializing in Getting SaaS Apps to Market

SaaS app design and development isn’t as fun as creating micro-interactions, branding sites and animations. Multiple options for data visualization, complex workflows, user collaboration, integrations with other systems — not every designer or developer has the stomach for it.

You Can Still Find the Right People

Development Strategy

As your trusted partner, we offer autonomousobjective thought and bring highly experienced specialists to the table. Our team understands the ramifications of making decisions to more efficiently get your idea to market while simultaneously playing the long game.

Creating Amazing UX

User experience (UX) is critical to your product’s success. If people don’t enjoy using your app, then they won’t use it!

It’s as simple as that.

Our team is multidisciplinary, and from the back end to the front end, user experience is kept in mind.

Stand Out in Your Market With the Right People

Partnering with freihandlabor means harnessing our experience, drive, and resilience to address the intricate challenges your business encounters. A mere team that operates without insightful feedback isn’t what you need. Instead, you require a partner that adds genuine value.

Our collaboration ensures you benefit from our profound expertise, practical approach, and judicious decision-making, all tailored to bring your SaaS vision to life.

Let our knowledge be your power.

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Our Services

Our infrastructure specialists and application experts will ensure that your system is up and running at all times, that your data security is airtight, and all of this from a single service. Our hosting packages are a comprehensive advantage for startups and enterprises alike.

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