Team Augmentation

In the world of DevOps, the ability to scale up and down on demand is necessary. Team augmentation allows you to take advantage of talent from around the world as needed, while still remaining lean.

Stack Up for Sprints

Scale Down for Maintenance:

Access top talent immediately 

Less overhead related to permanent staff

Lean out your operations at will 

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Outsourcing Provides Resource-Stability 

If there’s one thing that will keep an IT manager up at night, it’s losing programmers. With all the time that they put into developing, maintaining, and improving your SaaS apps, these resources are incredibly difficult, if not impossible to replace.

Why would you place so many eggs in a single basket, so to speak, when there is a pool of highly capable talent available to work as needed. It’s an inferior business model, knowing that staff augmentation or team augmentation exists.

We meet with you and assess your organization’s individual requirements to determine the best strategy– tailor-picking our talent to meet your specific needs. Investing in staff augmentation is the best way to protect your proprietary software, maximizing the efficiency of your resources.

It can take a long time to find the right people

Talent acquisition for full-time programmers is an ambitious undertaking. There is no guaranteeing that the time investment will work out for any number of reasons, and when it doesn’t you are right back at square 1. 

Team augmentation allows for you to have better control over the team as well. If a programmer isn’t performing or contributing the way that was expected of them, we’re able to switch them out without any added cost. 

This makes team augmentation well suited to the rigors of agile sprints as well as clearing backlogs.