Freihandlabor and Laravel

Welcome to Endless Innovation

This popular open-source, PHP framework is a web application platform that is constantly being improved on and innovated. This is the strength of an open-source framework that was created in 2011 to acknowledge the shortcomings of others at the time. To that end, it offers a long list of benefits.

That’s why we adapted our technology stack to include Vue.js. From lightweight Single Page Applications to native-like Progressive Web Apps and portals, our team has delivered projects of varying complexity and size.

Benefits of Laravel

This quick and simple framework is the number one PHP framework, so most developers are familiar with it. The popularity of this framework isn’t for any one reason, it’s for many. Startups and enterprise-level organizations alike have security pinned to the top of their priority lists, just like any business.

Laravel is mainly intended to support the development of web apps, but what makes it so popular among developers and businesses alike, is its ability to consolidate logic, alongside date and presentation.

Laravel Benefits for Internal IT Teams

This framework can easily handle the rigors of designing and developing extremely complex solutions for competitive industries. It can handle database management, HTML, and big data. It is affectionately known by many as a full-stack framework, even if that term isn’t 100% correct.

Model View Controller (MVC) is the model that this framework was built on. This allows internal IT teams to organize large web applications and make modifications easily, as well as to easily perform planning and maintenance. Multiple vies, faster development processes and test-driven development support make this a powerful tool for building web apps and more.

This framework is highly favored by developers, making its implementation hugely advantageous to organizations that use it.