We develop custom software and the best digital strategies possible to uphold our end as your partner and specialist.

Existing Businesses and Pre-startup Organizations alike need
A Development Partner to:

Respond Precisely to Market

Develop the Best Digital Strategies

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Gain Competitive Advantage

As technology moves forwards more businesses are wisely investing in their digital transformation as a means of keeping up.

SaaS solutions are improving the business model of organizations. With Freihandlabor SaaS development services at your organization’s disposal, you gain competitive advantage—and something even more valuable:

A Partner: Your Complete End-to-End Solution

Collaboration is great, but when it comes to technical projects, outsourcing the design and development, between the backend and the frontend comes with hurdles and delays.

As your partner and specialist, your project is our project. Our development services are comprehensive and we will bring our expertise to the project from consultation, through service-level agreements, to development and maintenance.

Transparency; Quality that Drives Your Business

Lack of project visibility is one of the biggest challenges in SaaS app development. As a provider of comprehensive development services, we offer full transparency at every turn.

We are a multidisciplinary agency and as your partner, we offer full visibility. We are here to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome and are doggedly dedicated to the task.

Our team of highly talented technical experts work together, ensuring there are never holdups and delays caused by poor inter-team operability. Your experience should be smooth throughout every phase of the project.

Leading Strategic Processes Support Long-Term Vision

Longevity can only be obtained with a strategy that is founded on a diverse array of experience.

There are many elements to consider when considering a testing strategy for your SaaS app. From application and business workflows to end-to-end integrations, data integrity, and critically important–security, to name a few.

This is without even touching on network or infrastructure challenges that strategies must navigate. Again, our diverse array of expertise is our strength– allowing us to consistently craft strategic processes that enable our partners for the long term.

From application and infrastructure experts to in-house hosting and operations, we are a partner who is here to empower real long-term growth, and ROI.