Transforming Grantmaking and Non-Profit Collaboration: A Case Study


The goal of the project was to develop Stiftungen, a groundbreaking B2B platform for StiftungSchweiz, aimed at revolutionizing grantmaking and enhancing collaboration between grantmakers and non-profit organizations in Switzerland. The objective was to create a comprehensive online solution that would streamline the funding process, empower non-profits, and facilitate meaningful connections between grantmakers and project owners.


Stiftungen’s development involved a systematic approach, starting with understanding StiftungSchweiz’s vision and analyzing grantmaking challenges. The solution was meticulously designed and planned, considering branding guidelines. Robust technologies were employed for development, ensuring a seamless user experience and high security through rigorous testing. Collaborative deployment, user acceptance testing, and a strategic launch completed the process, resulting in a feature-rich platform that exceeded StiftungSchweiz’s expectations.


Our team at freihandlabor has created Stiftungen for StiftungSchweiz, introducing game-changing features:

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Effortlessly manage projects and streamline communication for enhanced collaboration.
  • Showcasing Non-Profits: Dedicated sections to proudly present missions, impact stories, and funding needs, attracting grantmakers for meaningful connections.
  • Exclusive Networking: Engage with like-minded individuals, share insights, and foster collaboration within restricted groups.
  • Streamlined Funding Process: Simplified modules for donations and funding requests, facilitating efficient workflow for non-profits and grantmakers.

Stiftungen revolutionizes grantmaking and non-profit collaboration, empowering organizations to secure funding and support impactful projects with ease.

Client’s Feedback

Technologies Used

  • Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, VueJS
  • Back-end: Laravel, Nova
  • Database: MySQL
  • Authentication and Security: JWT (JSON Web Tokens), SSL/TLS encryption
  • Development Tools: Git, Agile project management methodologies

Tech Performance

Largest Contentful Paint
Our Result:1 sec
First Input Delay
Our Result:10 ms
Visual Stability
Cumulative Layout Shift
Our Result:0.02